Corporate history.

Progress from tradition

1954 The LÄSSER history began with a mechanical workshop, founded by Mr. Franz Lässer senior, specialising in reinforcement, upgrading and electrification of all types of shuttle embroidery machines.
1970 Mr. Franz Lässer junior joins the company
1973 Mr. Anton Lässer joins the company
1980 First expansion of the manufacturing facilities with new factory building
1982 Development of the first LÄSSER embroidery machine
1983 Putting into operation of the first LÄSSER embroidery machine L83 in Europe
1984 Introduction of the sequin and cord attachment for shuttle embroidery machines
1990 Further expansion of the manufacturing and preassembling facilities
1993 Introduction of the L93 series with the first in-house made software system
1995 Production of the L120 series and expansion of the R&D, administration and training property
1998 Delivery of the TWIN 400 model, high speed double floor machine
1999 Introduction of the LÄSSER MD1 with the revolutionary Multi-Drive technology
1999 Relocation and extension of the manufacturing facilities
2000 Installation of the revolutionary double frame machine – the LÄSSER MDT Tandem machine
2001 Presentation of the LÄSSER MD2 machine – the first completely digital computerized machine
2002 Construction of a further plant in the industrial area
2004 Implementation of the sampling machines – the LÄSSER MINI 1.6 yd, the LÄSSER MINI Large 5 yd
2006 Construction of a further plant in the industrial area with focus on metal-laser technology and welding robots
2006 Introduction of the world novelty in laser technology – the LÄSSER THERMOCUT LTC
2010 Introduction of the LÄSSER Schiffli Head LSH
2012 Putting into operation of the LÄSSER MD57 high performance shuttle embroidery machine
2014 Launch of the MVD MINI at the ITMA Shanghai
2014 Presentation of the high performance LÄSSER Thermocut LTC TH
2015 Further development of the LÄSSER MD57 with the revolutionary V-Drive – the LÄSSER MVD57
2016 Presentation of the new LÄSSER MVD71 Mini sampling machine at the ITMA Shanghai
2017 Successful initiation of the new high performance shuttle emboidery series – the LÄSSER MVD71
2018 Move into the new office and training building in Diepoldsau - extension of the product range with the LÄSSER MVD71 BF Big Frame with 285 cm frame height