Consistent customer and market orientation.

Confronting changes

Treating change as an opportunity. Taking part in developments. Involving our customers in them. Animating the market with new ideas. This is our motivation. LÄSSER AG is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of high performance shuttle embroidery machines.

Manageable, flexible

We are innovative, flexible and know the needs of our customers in detail. The business is managed by Franz Lässer. Even today he is personally and directly involved in crucial product developments. With 220 employees we are manageable and flexible enough to address customer needs individually.

Impressive cost-benefit ratio

There is a reason for success. LÄSSER products impress due to their optimal cost-benefit ratio. We rely on innovation, progress and personal support to help our customers to progress.

Commitment to Switzerland

We stand by Swiss origins and Swiss quality. With ground-breaking technologies and major investments in our production facilities in Diepoldsau (Switzerland) we have secured ourselves a leading position on the world market.

Showcasing on the world stage

Large, renowned embroidery collections bear our signature. Our embroidery machines and the versatile applications open up scope for creative ideas that are realised by our customer on LÄSSER embroidery machines.

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