LÄSSER CLASSIC applications.


This cost-efficient addition to the LÄSSER MD-family for processing sequins offers considerable added value. The LÄSSER SEQUIN attachment is fully compatible with the LÄSSER MD machine. Control is central via the machine controller without interface. The sequins are fed in a controlled manner, precisely separated and reliably attached. The CLASSIC SEQUIN attachment is easy to access and easy to operate. For instance the pallet feed can be ergonomically opened from the front.


Cords and sequins in one. The LÄSSER SEQUIN CORD ONE makes the use of cords and sequins at the same embroidery position possible. New creations and unlimited processing opportunities result from the combination of cord in different diameters and colour effects and sequins of different colours and sizes. Easy handling and short setup and changeover times are additional advantages.


The CLASSIC SEQUIN THERMOCUT is a highly functional system that combines the attachment of sequins and the cutting of fabrics. Elegantly prepare cutting patterns without major effort and integrate them directly into the embroidery program. A second application fabric is placed on the carrier fabric in the frame. After stitching on, the upper fabric is cut by the THERMOCUT. A cleverly designed fabric presser avoids any damage to the carrier fabric during this process. Additional protection is provided by a water soluble or acetate fleece (non-woven fabric). No fumes are produced during cutting – extraction is not required.


Simple processing using the THERMOCUT elements. The CLASSIC LTC is suitable for all LÄSSER embroidery machines of the MD-family. The compact system impresses with its highly functional, low emission method of operation. Cutting patterns are prepared without major effort. You can integrate your cutting patterns directly into the embroidery program. The cutting parameters can be changed directly on the machine. Cost-effective and very convenient, easy and impressive handling.