LÄSSER CHALLENGE 2 applications.


The original from the pioneer of sequin embroidery - the LÄSSER SEQUIN head on the LÄSSER CHALLENGE 2 is the ultimate sequin tool. The extremely well running LÄSSER SEQUIN head is available for sequins from 3 mm to 9 mm. The installation of heads in different sequin sizes opens unlimited possibilities. The feeding of the sequin material is simple and fast. The exclusivity of sequin embroidery is uncontested, whether on the red carpet, an Indian wedding or any other special occasion.


Ornamental tablecloths, fancywork on dress material or trimmings on curtains – to name just a few of the numerous applications the LÄSSER CHALLENGE CORD head is made for. By integrating cord into a design a special three-dimensional look can be achieved. The LÄSSER CORD head on the LÄSSER CHALLENGE 2 device can be used for designs with cord and in combination with other CHALLENGE 2 applications. A further innovation made by LÄSSER which offers reams of new possibilities in terms of creation, design and efficiency.


The technology of the LÄSSER THERMOCUT LTC TH head on the CHALLENGE 2 device combines many years of experience in the field of heat-cutting with the latest material findings. With the advanced TH technology the performance of the cutting process has reached a new level. All the parts of the LÄSSER THERMOCUT LTC TH head are designed for long-term use. The high precision of the LÄSSER THERMOCUT LTC TH allows to define the exact distance from cutting point to fabric. The cutting of the fabric is carried out without harming the base fabric.


The LÄSSER BLUE CUT head on the CHALLENGE 2 device offers a lot of new creative possibilities. It can be installed with a repeat of 48/4, 72/4 or 96/4 – making the punching of the cutting pattern very simple. The LÄSSER BLUE CUT head on the CHALLENGE 2 device is completely integrated into the body of the machine, allowing much faster and easier handling. There are almost no limitations when it comes to possible cutting fabrics. Polyester, leather, cotton or even lurex – everything is possible. Cutting more than one layer at a time – no problem.