MVD71 BF Big Frame


The new LÄSSER MVD71 - The Big Frame

In a world of rising competition it is important to counteract with the right kind of tools.
The LÄSSER MVD71 BF Big Frame is the ultimate working equipment to be one step ahead in quality and performance.


  • EMBROIDERY HEIGHT: 285 cm !!
  • AFS - ACTIVE FRAME SUPPORT: fully automated fabric stabilisation, Patent registered 
  • L-PILOT: sophisticated and customized machine software
  • MULTI V DRIVE:  the new dimension of running smoothness and precision 
  • MULTI CAM DRIVES: highest precision due to synchronised cam drives needle and shuttle side
  • ERGONOMICS: ergonomic design which improved the access and control, easy to handle
  • V-CUT: individual thread cut with single clamping device
  • STG: the patented LÄSSER single thread guide system
  • MAIN DOUBLE DRIVE: no strain due to the balanced shaft system
  • SERVO FEED: thread roller drive with pattern storage
  • V-FEED ATC: individual thread feeding system 
  • V-FEED MTC: optional individual thread feeding system 
  • FRAME DRIVE: moment optimized drives for highest performance and excellent embroidery quality
  • SPANNING: constant fabric tension and flexible fabric fastening
  • SSL: the ingenious shuttle stop device
  • FOLDING SHAFT SPOON: optional automatic of opening and closing of the shaft soon
  • AUTO SET+ CARRIAGE WIDTH: optional fully automatic carriage width setting
  • AUTO SET+ CLOTH PRESSURE: optional adjustment of the cloth pressure distance
  • AUTO SET+ SHUTTLE TIME: optional setting of shuttle time / shuttle Position 

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