Excellent options with the LÄSSER SCHIFFLI HEAD 2. The system can be equipped with various applications. Sequin, cord, Thermocut and Laser Cut are possible in various configurations.


There is a strong demand for sequins in different sizes and combinations. With the brilliant LÄSSER DOUBLE SEQUIN device on the LÄSSER LSH 2 you can master the demanding requirements of today's market. The use of pre-cut sequins increases the quality of the sequin embroidery. Maximum productivity – the machine works at full speed during the attachment of the sequins.


Sequins and cord together in one design are a feast for the eyes. High-value dress material, technical embroidery or exclusive curtains – there are literally no limits for innovative and creative designs. The SEQUIN & CORD device is installed on the left side of the head which enables the installation of other applications on the right. Each LÄSSER SEQUIN or SEQUIN CORD device is equipped with a press button which enables to lift the device for easy access to the needle.


The THERMOCUT LTC TH device can either be installed alone or together with the DOUBLE SEQUIN device or the SEQUIN & CORD device, on the left side of the head. Fantastic creations and shapes can be melted out of synthetic materials. The cutting edges are neat and the fabric does not fray as the fibres merge during the cutting process. Depending on the requirements, the head distance and the size of the head, the installation of other additional applications is possible. 


Your creative team will be pleased with the new possibilities that the LÄSSER BLUE CUT device has to offer. It is installed on the right side of the head and can be combined with other applications. The LÄSSER BLUE CUT device is fully integrated into the machine, very easy to handle and practically maintenance free. The contamination of the machine room is prevented by the extraction of the fumes directly at the point of origin.