Schiffli King is the automatic shuttle filling and adjusting station. Changing bobbins, adjusting and cleaning the shuttles is child’s play with Schiffli King. Thanks to its automatic operation you can forget time-consuming manual labour and achieve improved embroidery quality with optimised shuttle control. Schiffli King has a compact design and is mounted on casters, meaning that it can be set up and moved anywhere you want.

Clean, load and adjust in a single process

Level 01: Cleaning

The shuttles are cleansed of deposits and thread residues and rendered particle-free under vacuum. Any waste or recycling materials are collected centrally and can be disposed off easily.

Level 02: Loading

The shuttles are loaded in three steps:

  1. Controlled and gentle separation of the shuttles
  2. Vacuum-controlled identification, precise positioning
  3. and cutting to length of bobbin threads
  4. Controlled loading of the bobbins into the shuttles

Level 03: Adjusting

The shuttles are adjusted to the variable thread tension. Three tolerance levels can be set as desired. Each shuttle is monitored by a high-precision force sensor.

Each of the three processes (cleaning, loading, and adjusting) can be individually activated or deactivated, meaning it is possible to “run” each process separately. Save material and labour costs, enhance your profitability and improve your embroidery quality. Go for LÄSSER SCHIFFLI


Gentle separation of bobbins

Individually adjustable display with touch- screen function, simple and intuitive menu design

Servo-controlled feed

Easy cleaning with the mobile vacuum suction device (optional)

CAM-controlled feed system for precise movements