LÄSSER CUBE is the solution for automatic shuttle filling and adjusting. This redesigned station is easy to use and very accessible. The shuttles are cleansed, the bobbins are changed and the thread tension is adjusted – with the simple press of a button. Thanks to its automatic operation there is nothing to worry about and time-consuming manual filling of the shuttles is a thought of yesterday. LÄSSER CUBE is mounted on casters, so it can be moved wherever you desire.

Clean, load and adjust in a single process


Step 1

The shuttles are opened and cleansed of any residues. To prevent damage, it is done so with the force of vacuum.



Step 2

The bobbins are identified and placed within the shuttles. The bobbin threads are cut accordingly.

Step 3

Thread tension is adjusted, while the shuttles are monitored by a high precision force sensor.


Gentle separation of bobbins

Individually adjustable display with touch-screen function, simple and intuitive menu design

Servo-controlled feed

Easy cleaning with the mobile vacuum suction device (optional)

CAM-controlled feed system for precise movements