• Delivery of the 3000th LÄSSER embroidery machine and new office building under construction


    When Franz Lässer Senior founded his mechanical workshop in 1954, he surely could not have imagined that a well-known and internationally active family business in second and third generation would develop.

    Starting with the production of spare parts, followed by the execution of revisions, reinforcements and improvements for existing embroidery machines, Franz Lässer Senior was able to extend his field of activity in the embroidery industry bit by bit. When Franz Lässer and Anton Lässer joined the workshop in 1970 and 1973 and with the production of the first LÄSSER embroidery machine in 1982, the foundation for the present company was laid.

    Over the years LÄSSER has continued to grow and we have just delivered the 3000th embroidery machine to our customers. We are currently taking a further step with the construction of our new office building and a showroom next to our already existing production buildings. So in 2018 the electrical and the development department, the administration and the sales department are brought together with our production in one location.

    We are proud that all of our machines are developed and produced in Switzerland and remain fully committed to Switzerland as our business location.

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